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Diamonds Seller Directory

diamonds seller directory

In the age of the Internet, diamond buyers do not have an easy live. Many websites are unclear and often dealwith inappropriate matters. Therefore, finding a reliable and trustworthy business partner in the field of diamond trade often means that a great deal of time and effort is required. Floods of advertising get the customers unnecessarily on their nerves.

And this is where the concept of the business directory starts. It captivates by its simple and clearly structured user interface. Diamond buyers quickly find diamond sellers nearby. But that’s not all.

This business directory can be seen as a portal which is aimed at both, diamond buyers and diamond sellers. This is also called B2C (Business to Customer) respectively B2B (Business to Business).

Especially the following groups have the possibility to enter in the directory:


Diamond Broker

Diamond Insurer

Diamond Retailers

Diamond Certification Laboratory

Diamond Merchant

Diamond Watch Retailer

Gemologist / Valuer

Jewellery Designer

Jewellery Manufacturer

Diamond Wholesaler

Diamond Chain Manufacturer

Diamond Manufacturer

Diamond Valuers

Diamond Watch Repairer

Diamond Watch Wholesaler

Diamond Watchmaker Supplier

Diamond Wholesaler

Gem Cutter / Lapidary

Gemstone Merchant

Jewellery Manufacturer

Jewellery Photographer

Jewellery Photographer

Photo Seller


Diamond Ring cheap

That’s why the business directory offers businessmen and companies the perfect possibility to open up new distribution channels for the diamond purchase or sale. Whether diamond wholesalers, diamond retailers or diamond manufacturers – the search for the correct partner becomes as easy as child’s play.

Using a contact form, registered companies can easily be contacted. Of course, the contact form is provided with an anti-spam protection.

Registered companies can be evaluated by customers. This makes a trustworthy impression on potential customers and business partners and can therefore contribute significantly to the increase in turnover.

We place great emphasis on latest company presentation.  We examine periodically the company entries for actuality.

The Gold Membership enables diamond merchants and diamond manufacturers to list their offers for especially beautiful diamonds, “favorably-priced” diamonds, or diamond jewellery in the directory. This addresses diamond sellers directly and maybe, just because of the advertisement, they decide on you!

The investment of the annual subscription pays off as soon as one single customer finds its way via the directory to you as a diamond seller.

Satisfied customers are returning customers. Present yourself in the Internet – you should not let the chance of good ratings and follow-up orders pass by.

If you have any further questions about our directory,
we would be glad to provide you with help and assistance.



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